Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days Of Lessons Learnerd: Day 3

Yesterday I lucked out of having to come up with a lesson because we were invited over to Hudson's friend Carter's house for a day of apples! For those of you who don't know October is Apple Month!

Bekah really outdid herself! She had apple books to read to the kids, art, apple tasting, and games all lined up! It was wonderful in fact Hudson was too wired to nap!

listening to the story

 making caterpillar H does not write that well, mommy helped

 apple puppet

in this game the player sorts the apples & then counts to make sure they got it right

this is my favorite spot in Bekah's house, her very own school corner

getting ready to taste every type of apple available :)

after apple tasting we let the kids run wild outside and then prepared an apple fest for lunch, there was applesauce, apple slices, apple turnovers, apple cookie, cider, juice, apple chips, you name it we had it!

Bekah even sent everyone home with a bag full of goodies, can you tell she used to be a teacher!

It was a fantastic day and I am hoping to convince the other moms who were there that maybe we need to do something like this on a regular basis....

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