Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Weight Of It All

Since giving birth to Hudson in February 2009 I have been struggling with my weight, but if I'm being honest I've struggled my whole life.  I was never "fat" in middle school or high school but always felt that I was. Freshman year of college I prided myself on not gaining the freshman 15. My junior year I quit smoking and gained about 15 pounds, thank goodness I don't have any of those pictures on my computer!

Since then I have gone up and down with mainly unhealthy weight loss choices. When I got pregnant I was down to my ideal weight and to be honest really scared about having to gain weight for the next 9 months! After having H I lost about 25 pounds right off the bat, but have gone up since then.

When we moved here to TN I really didn't want to be caught in a I don't have any friends here depressed eating state! M and I have made a conscious effort to eat better, cleaner, and workout more. I did a 9 week EA sports program and now try and workout 4 - 5 times a week. I have lost about 10 pounds and while I'd like to lose 20 more I can already tell a big difference in the way I feel.

Do I hate working out, yes! Does it feel like a job, yes! Do I scream curse words at the DVD, yes! I have never loved working out but I know that if I want to lose weight the right way and feel better about myself I've got to suck it up! Anyway, I'm writing this to keep myself accountable!

By the way a friend of mine just started a new fitness blog! Go check out Erin's blog at The Fit Life, she has some great things to share with you!


  1. Congrats on losing 10 pounds! I'm on my own weight loss journey - about 30 down, about that many more to go. I'm learning to not mind exercising, but it would be so nice if the pounds just fell off while I sit on my couch!

  2. Congrats on the 10 lb loss! That's fantastic! Keep up the great work. I hate working out too, but I love long walks. I do much better by just watching my diet and making better food choices than committing to a workout regime.


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