Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend Fun

Wow! We had an amazing weekend of fun! I was very sad when M left for work this morning :( 

Friday night we went to this little car show, it was nice to just be outside and walk around. Hudson loved looking at all of the cars and even found a Tow Mater look a like!

Saturday we went to Cars and Coffee over in Franklin before heading to the Farmers Market. H kept walking over to all of the cars wanting to see the engines....my boy loves cars! We met up with Laura and G to walk around, I of course didn't take any pictures of the boys :( 

After his non-nap...curse you car nap! H wanted to dig outside in the mulch...well it was 95 and so I lathered him up in sunscreen and let him play outside, while M and I watched from inside....bad parents we are!

Sunday we decided to go on a little hike at one of the greenways, we ended up hiking up to the Stones River Battlefield. Hudson did a great job and we even spotted some turkeys!

After nap we decided Ice Cream was in order!

Monday we drove down to Sewanee and went for a hike, I'll post those pictures later!
Happy Tuesday!

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