Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Series On Friendship

So I've been thinking about doing a series on friendship.  I wasn't sure how to start it or even if I was brave enough to write it, however at church on Sunday the Sermon was about friendship which just confirmed that I needed to write this.

In our minister's sermon he talked about how there are 3 important questions about friendship:
   1. Why do we need friends?
   2. What is friendship?
   3. Where do you find the need for friendship?
I will attempt to answer these questions in the next 3 posts, remember that these are my feelings on the subject and are not meant to be taken as anything but that.

Why Do We Need Friends?

This question hit me like a ton of bricks.  If I relate this question to my relationship with God it is answered by the fact that friendship/love exists in God/The Trinity. The less you need friends the less you need God.

Now if I relate this question to my everyday life I find it much harder to answer. I need friends for so many different reasons:

  • support
  • sense of community
  • laughter
  • sounding boards
  • to vent
  • to feel loved and understood
While there are probably a million other reasons I need friends these are the most important reasons. My friends offer me support in both good times and bad, meeting friends in a new city (twice now) help to foster a sense of community and home, girl time always comes with laughter which everyone needs! Friends are sounding boards for my parenting, ideas, and all sorts of other things. I vent to my friends about bad days, bad hair, and toddler tantrums. I also need friends that love me and understand me and support me no matter what.

Stay tuned for the next post!

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