Monday, April 9, 2012

Menu Monday & Easter Pictures!

It is a short week of cooking for us this week but I'm linking up with Rachel anyway! Go link up with her at In No Simple Language

Sunday: Leftovers from Easter Lunch: ham, grits, bread, and cheese eggs
Monday: Hot Dogs on the grill
Tuesday: Mac & Cheese and Broccoli
Wednesday: M is on his own b/c I am going to dinner with my Nashville Bloggers!
Thursday: We will be catching up with friends from B School....did I mention we will be in VA?
Friday: Babysitting my cousins so who knows what we'll have!
Saturday: Either cooking out or eating out
Sunday: Dinner out with M's parents

Here are some pictures from our low key Easter weekend! We went to an MTSU baseball game with friends Friday night, Saturday we were lazy in prep for Sunday, and Sunday we went to the early service at church followed by an Easter egg hunt and a quiet lunch at home!

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  1. (Visiting from the Menu link up) ... I love creative Easter baskets .. I found a giraffe one for my son that I reuse now. We did fun things too like stickers, tattoos, wind-up toys, an airplane toy and a bit of candy. You reminded me that I want to get our grill going too. The roasted/grilled hot dogs sounds so simple but good.


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