Tuesday, April 24, 2012

H's Future Swagger Wagon

So I am a car girl, can't help it, I love cars. It just so happens that I am married to a car guy, who subscribes to no less than 6 car magazines a month. In the almost twelve years we've been together we've gone through at least 15 cars!

M now works for a very large car company that's US operations are based here in TN. We knew he would be getting a car allowance that would allow him to get a new car, he ordered an Altima coupe and had a Juke until it was ready. 

I've been dying over the new Infiniti JX and even tweeted the other day about how I got to look inside it while up at M's work on Thursday. Well fast forward to that afternoon & M comes home early...I'm in the middle of working out when he tells me to check my phone...this is what I saw...

It took me a minute to realize that this indeed was my driveway! M's department had gotten the JX and then you had to wait until your name was pulled to see if you got to have it for a night! Needless to say we all piled in and drove all around town!

Let me tell you, if you are looking for a new car this is it (rumor has it this will also be the new pathfinder body)! I have never driven an suv that felt more like a car in my life, there is absolutely no road noise, front and back cameras, and it sounds an alarm if you veer off the road or swerve. I apparently I swerve a lot when I drive b/c I had that thing going off more than once!

Hudson was in heaven, from the huge moon roof to the headrest dvd player the kid wanted to stay in the JX all night. I totally would have stayed with him! The second row seats slide up on both sides to allow access to the 3rd row, M who is 6'2 didn't have any problem getting into the back. I fit pretty comfortably in the 3rd row, I mean I wouldn't sit there for a road trip but I would if we were just going around town.

Our lab fit very nicely in the back. Oh and I almost forgot, the front seats are not only heated but air conditioned!!!! Overall I love this car and hopefully come fall it will be the new Lindsey family car, I don't care whether it's the Infiniti or Nissan!

M and Hudson took the JX back Friday morning while I was at my job interview. H told M that he didn't like the Nissan (M's car) and wanted the Infiniti....boy knows what he wants!

*In no way was I compensated for this by Nissan North America, this is solely my opinion! 

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