Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Picture Dump

Yet another post of pictures from my phone since my laptop doesn't want to cooperate with me! I feel like the summer is flying by! How is it almost July?? We have been keeping busy between a new job, camp for H, swimming lessons, and trying to have a few date nights! Here is look at what we've been up to...

Hudson had his last day of school at the end of May....such a difference from November!
Surprise Mack and I actually made into the city for dinner & a concert...on a work night too!
We ate dinner at fat tater tots anyone? AMAZING!
I cannot remember what M had but I had an amazing Strawberry Chicken Salad....yum!
Waiting for the show to start at they Ryman....and by show I mean the crazy couple dancing in front of us
DISPATCH!!! Probably hands down one of the best shows I have ever been to!
Ice Cream date with H
Oh hello college age Hudson
Papa got H 2 lacrosse sticks and we have been practicing...although lacrosse really hasn't made it down here
Hudson had VBS last week & then they sang during church on Sunday....guess who was the only child who stood there without singing or doing any of the movements...
After church we packed up and headed to the lake with our friends the Bartsch's
Hudson, Ben, & Molly tubing
Dada & Hudson tubing
When Dada is out of town we stop for ice cream after swimming lessons & before dinner

Say a little prayer as I single parent it from Wednesday to Sunday....Mack better enjoy golfing....

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