Wednesday, May 8, 2013

iPhone Dump

Well hello! Long time no blog, huh? To say life has been crazy would be an understatement! This past weekend I came home sick Friday, Mack was pretty pitiful to, and then Hudson started throwing up before bed Saturday night! Poor guy hasn't thrown up in like 3 years! I slept in his room so that I could be there for him when he woke up....he would just pass out after each time and it just broke my heart to see him hurt so badly! He was fine by Sunday, just tired. I was pretty sick without any appetite and lost 6 pounds over the weekend!

Monday after work my chest was really hurting me and I knew I needed to go to the hospital, so once Mack got home off I went. If your looking for fast service at the ER tell them you are having chest pain...I didn't even open my magazine in the waiting room it was that fast!

After an EKG, IV steroids, Breathing treatment, and Chest X-Ray I was diagnosed with Pneumonia!! I kind of knew it b/c I had it about 5 years ago but not nearly as bad as this time. They gave me 2 huge syringes of antibiotics before sending me off with about $400 worth of RXs and orders to rest for the next 4 days.

Yesterday I thought I could do some housework like vacuuming...uh nope and then when I got H from school we met new neighbors and while talking to them I almost passed out & threw up! What an awesome 1st impression!

Anyhoo here are some pictures from the last month or so!

this is my inspiration for Hudson's new room!

Me after my 1st 5K

Easter Basket!

Gigi and Hudson reading on the swing

I went on my church's women's retreat up near Sewanne! Had so much fun!

Pulled out my Lilly to honor Lilly P

Pre H jeans

My Peonies bloomed are so pretty!

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