Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Potty Training and the Splash Pad

So we are still potty training...Hudson does really well at school and then really bad at home! Today he actually had his first day without an accident at school today!!!! We are sooo proud of him :) Now we just need him to understand that he can do the same thing at home.

McQueen underwear!

Reading a book on the potty with Daddy

Sunday we had great weather so I decided to take Hudson to our local splash pad. We had never been to this one before so it was fun getting to try out a new one! Hudson had a blast, I was surprised he didn't put up a fight when it was time to leave!

Of course not long after I put the camera away he face planted on the ground and now has a brand new goose egg front and center on his forehead!!!!

This is how Hudson napped on Monday after almost 4 hours of getting out of bed and having me put him back in it!!! I am not liking this stage ;)

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