Sunday, July 10, 2011

Potty Training Fail

So July 4th weekend since we didn't go to the beach I decided we would try and potty train Hudson. A friend had just done the method with her son who is younger than H and it worked. I went out and got everything we needed and was prepared for the accidents but ready to go.

Day 1 went how I expected more accidents than successes but hey that's normal.

Day 2 he pooped on the potty but that was one of our only successes.

Day 3 was better, still some accidents but a lot of success also.

Day 4 was horrible. I stayed home so we good give him 1 more day and it was a disaster.

He went to school Wednesday and Thursday and had only 1 accident. Friday he wouldn't go at all for babysitter and Saturday was non stop accidents.

Hudson is the most stubborn thing! This by far has been the hardest thing we've done but we are still trying. I know he gets it, it will just take us some time.
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