Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Whew it is so hot down here in Florida! The heat index yesterday was 108!!! Needless to say we have been spending lots of time the nice cold a/c. Hudson went his friend Sydney's 1st birthday party at Gymboree and had absolute blast! Sadly Sydney and her family are moving to DC this week and then to a foreign country :(

One of my mommy friends has been knitting little hats and we had a photo shoot this week with all the kids in her hats! Hudson of course wore the frog hat, it was a little small but we stretched it to fit his big head!

Sunday our neighbors were getting rid of an old child size table and chairs so we took it off their hands for free!!!! Hudson loves sitting at it and eating his snack.

Have a great week!

Frog Man
Hudson and his buddies at the pool
Having fun at Gymboree
Sitting at his new table

My little frog!

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