Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to my Daddy and to Mack, I love you both!!!!! My dad is my hero and I am a true Daddy's girl!!!

Mack is an amazing dad to Hudson, he loves every minute he has with him. Hudson in return loves his daddy unconditionally! When daddy goes to work Hudson follows him to the door and tries to go with him. When he hears the alarm beep he always looks to see if it is daddy, and if it is he breaks out into a huge grin and runs towards melts my heart!

Hudson made brownies for Daddy and got him a really cute card! He also let daddy and mommy sleep until 9am! We spent the day together running errands and watching the US Open.

Hudson and Daddy with Daddy's Father's Day gift

Eating brownie mix
Licking his fingers!

We love you Papa and Granddaddy!!!!

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