Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dusting Off the Old Blog

Nothing like an extended blog vacation...but spring is here and it is time to dust this thing off and get back to blogging! I'll do a brief catch up and then bombard you with pictures :)

The last time I blogged we were closing in on our 1 year Failure to Thrive diagnoses, we've passed that as well as our g tube/nissen surgery anniversary, & are coming up on our gj tube anniversary.  Claiborne had a 5 day hospital stay right before Christmas with RSV, while it wasn't fun we had lots of visitors to the Peds floor that week and got home right before Christmas. We had a very quiet Christmas at home because we did not want to expose C to any germs. Poor Hudson had his first ear infection, a double at that, just 2 hours after we were discharged! I felt so bad for him, apparently his ear had been hurting for a few days but I had been at the hospital and he was shuffled between grandparents so we just didn't realize!

Thankfully everyone has been pretty healthy since then! C, my mom, & I went up to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia at the beginning of February for a GI Motility consult. It was absolutely amazing! We tried to stay at the Ronald McDonald House but they were full. Claiborne's 1st appointment was at 7:30am so we caught the 7AM shuttle from the hotel to the hospital. While walking around to the radiology suite my mom and I both commented on how quiet and peaceful it was, totally different than VCU. For her 1st procedure they put radiation in her honey thick formula and had her drink it, they then strapped her down and we watched her stomach and esophagus for about 45 minutes.  She was such a trooper and held my mom's hand the whole time! Afterwards we had some time so we had a quick breakfast in the cafeteria and then headed up to GI.  We met with the NP first and then the DR, from her test in the morning they determined that she is re-fluxing past her Nissen Fundoplication, which if you remember she had surgery for last Feb. to make it impossible for her to reflux, and that her stomach is extremely slow emptying, this is called gastroparesis. So we added a new medicine and scheduled a follow up which happens to be on MONDAY. I am interested to see if they think that the medicine is helping or if we change things up again.

Hudson has been super busy playing soccer and basketball during the fall and winter. I cannot believe that he turned 7 and became a little man overnight. He is ready for summer break and we are all ready for river season.

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