Monday, July 13, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer...

Whoever came up with the term lazy days of summer obviously did not have kids! We have been anything but lazy over here in the Lindsey house! Claiborne has been enjoying the pool, she loves to splash and watch the big kids. We've been going to the river when we can and are so lucky that we have a community pool that Claiborne can swim in.

Hudson finished Kindergarten in the middle of June and has been busy with swim lessons, lacrosse camp, VBS, and tennis camp....I cannot keep up with him! He is loving being home with us and has been a great help with sissy.

In the beginning of June Claiborne was once again in the hospital but this time it was a short trip for some fluids thank goodness. When C gets sick her body has to burn calories in order to fight off infection which is in her case causes severe dehydration because she cannot afford to spare any extra calories.

On a happy note our sweet girl was Baptized on June 21st. She is very blessed to have 3 incredible Godparents looking out for her.

Hanging out at the pool

Cousin time with Emma

Hudson and Mack went fishing over Fourth of July weekend with friends!

Best big brother award goes to Hudson!

Last day of school!

Claiborne has been doing a great job in PT, this was our last day with Andrea because VCU Children's pulled all of their services from early intervention. Don't get me started on that...

St Christopher's Lacrosse Camp!

Claiborne and her Godparents, Lauren and Chris Darden and Ti Hensby

Take note...all 4 looking at the camera!

It is so fantastic to have Ti as one of Claiborne's Godmothers. She and I are Godsisters ( my parents are her Godparents and vice versa) so the fact that she will always be there for Claiborne is extremely special for me.

Hudson loved VBS, C loved the nursery, and I forgot how tiring 8 three & four year olds are!

Hudson lost tooth number 3!

Fourth of July at the River! Hudson, Mack, and I went to Urbanna to watch the fireworks

Hanging out on Mr Mike's boat

This girl is just the most adorable thing

Although she can't get in the water she did get to visit the beach!

Lastly, I snuck into her room the other day and it hit me that babies don't keep. We are in the final countdown to her 1st birthday on Saturday and I am just not ready. I stopped aging her back in November when all of this started so I cannot comprehend the fact that she is turning 1.

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