Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Almost a Year...

Well it's November and that means we are quickly approaching Claiborne's first anniversary with FTT (failure to thrive). November 5th of 2014 is a day that will be burned in my mind forever, it's the day of C's first hospitalization.  It marks the beginning of her journey.

While that first 4 days in the hospital seems so long ago I remember it like it was yesterday. Claiborne hadn't been able to keep anything down all day, I had gotten her into the Dr's office just before it closed and it was decided that we should give her pedialyte at her bedtime bottle. Poor girl couldn't even keep that down so they sent us to the ER.

I remember thinking how hard it was when they decided to only give her IV fluids, how she screamed because she was hungry, the guilt of pumping while sitting next to her.  Today I would give anything for Claiborne to cry out in hunger, to be able to tell me that she is hungry or full.

Things are different today than they were a year ago, and honestly I believe that I have a happier child today than I did last year. Claiborne is growing and crawling and above all happy. While I would give anything to take away all that she has gone through I am so glad that she is gotten to a point where when people ask me how she is doing I can say "great!" and it not be fake.

Claiborne weighed 10lbs 5oz (at the time of admission) at almost 4 months old, she lost 10% of her body weight while in the hospital that first time. Today she weighs 18lbs 8ozs at 15 1/2 months! She has gained 8 pounds this year!

Every doctor we see is just so impressed with our girl and how amazing she is! I am so grateful for how happy she is, I think that makes everything better :) She just learned how to crawl and is working hard in Speech, PT, and Feeding Clinic! We are anxiously waiting to hear if she'll say mama or dada first! She still gets her feeds through her GJ tube but is eating 3 small meals a day which she loves.

1st Hospital stay November 4th 2014

practicing standing during PT

practicing drinking her extra extra thick formula

Then v Now ( 3 1/2 months v 15 1/2 months)

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