Wednesday, March 18, 2015

1 Month with Gtube

Claiborne has had her g tube for a month as of 3/13! I love seeing her face without tape on it! She seems so much happier compared to before her surgery. Weight gain has been a little bit of a struggle but as of yesterday we seem to be on an upward swing back to where she was before surgery. She is on continuous feeds for 20 hours a day right now. The goal is to get back to eating 3/4 times a day and then overnight.

Last week C had another swallow study done, she did better but still failed. We will keep feeding her small amounts by mouth to keep her skills up. She will also start PT next week in the hopes that we can get her start rolling over and pushing up from her tummy. Small steps in the right direction!

The night before surgery!

One last picture with her NG tube before they took her back

Sleepy girl afterwards

This is an example of what is called a gravity feed, she was getting pedialyte and then very small amounts of formula 24 hours after surgery.  We will move to these type of feeds during the day hopefully soon.

Claiborne was a little more alert later that night

Dancing with Daddy

Poor girl was really wiped out

Happy Valentine's Day from the hospital

Mimi came to visit with us

After 2 nights in the hospital C was able to come home! Our home health nurse said that is the fastest she has seen a baby come home after a gtube/Nissen surgery. They also wanted to get us home before the big snow storm.

1st bath post op

Claiborne got to watch the big boys go sledding 

She also turned 7 months old during all this! How is that possible!

We've finally had some warm days here so I've broken out all the dresses!

Sitting up like a big girl!

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