Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feeding Tube Awareness Week

This week is Feeding Tube Awareness Week! Although we haven't been on this journey for long I felt compelled to share with y'all some common myths about feeding tubes.

Myth #1: Parents didn't try hard enough to make their child eat (I personally dislike this one!)

Fact: All parents try to feed their children, a feeding tube is usually the last resort. There are countless medical reasons a child cannot eat and those must be explored.

Myth #2:  You must use formula to tube feed

Fact: You can put milk, breastmilk, formula, or even pureed foods in the tube. Claiborne is mostly formula fed but does get 1 feeding of breastmilk per day (at least until it runs out)

Myth #3: The child's activities must be limited due to the tube.

Fact: Most tube kids can participate in any normal activities that other kids their age do. 

We had to learn that our lives didn't have to stop just because Claiborne had a feeding tube, we can go out and do any activities we want to, we just have more stuff when we do. 

Please take a moment this week and check out the Feeding Tube Awareness website and learn more about feeding tubes.

This website has been an amazing resource for Mack and I and our family! We have used it as tool to figure out what questions to ask and how to prepare for outings and surgery. 

T minus 2 days until the NG tube comes out and the G tube goes in!

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  1. Awesome job raising awareness on this, mama! Your little one is so lucky to have such great parents. So excited for you guys on the upcoming tube!


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