Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Time I Basically Called My Child A Liar...

There a lots of little things that sometimes make me feel like a "bad" mom, like say when you didn't know that even though you signed up to make something for your child's Halloween party at school, you were out done by the moms who not only baked something but brought individual treats for all the kids...seriously? Who has that kind of time? I mean I didn't even actually cook what H took, Mack did.

Things like that though are pretty insignificant in the long run because hey I am just not crafty nor am I Betty Crocker!

Flashback to last Sunday...Mack and I have been taking a marriage class at our church, for a small amount of money we get a date night with dinner, wine, and child win in my book. The couple who is leading the class work with us, the husband works almost right beside Mack, they told us that dinner would be provided not only for us but for the kids as well....

So off we went on the 1st Sunday of class, after it was over Hudson kept telling us that he was hungry...we both kept telling him that he wasn't hungry because he had just eaten and that it was time for bed anyway. The next week he barely got out of the classroom and was telling us that he was hungry, again we were both asking how he could be hungry when he had just eaten? He then informed us that he hadn't been fed...uh what? The head of the nursery was there and was like uh no we don't feed them dinner!

So let's get this straight I sent my child to bed without dinner and basically called him a liar!! I have never been more embarrassed in my life and have never felt like a worse parent. Mother and Father of the year right here folks! That night I pretty much let Hudson eat whatever he wanted because i felt so bad! We later did confirm that they were supposed to be feeding the kids dinner so we were right after all...oh well.

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