Sunday, October 20, 2013

iPhone Dump

I know I know, I always say that I am going to be a better blogger but it just never happens! Life is in one of those busy seasons right now. Work is busy for both of us and we are enjoying our weekends with Hudson.

We have been very into knights

Chick Fil A had a mommy & son date knight that we so much fun! 

We went to the Drive-In movie theater and saw Monsters University

Hudson finally decided that he wanted to ride his bike that he got for Christmas

I went to DotMom in Chattanooga which is a post unto its self! My roommate was my twitter friend Amy who thank goodness was just as awesome in person as she in on the interwebs!

H had a day off from school so I stayed home and we had a picnic

One of H's friends from school had a pumpkin patch birthday party, cute idea but was kind of crazy

This guy just slays me with his cuteness

We went to the MTSU v ECU game....we only tailgated but H had a blast at his 1st tailgate

S'mores have been a big fall hit

I had to go to Mississippi for work one day and on the way back we stopped in Memphis for some BBQ

There is nothing better than afternoon snuggles with my bubba

Hot air balloon over Franklin one night

We slept in one Sunday and decided to take a family walk on the greenway

Hudson sitting on the firetruck!

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