Monday, December 17, 2012

Tragedy Through The Eyes of A 3 Year Old

As like most people on Friday my world was shaken by the act of 1 individual. I wanted to cry and throw up all at the same time all day and all weekend. My faith however wasn't shaken and I immediately began praying for all the mothers and fathers who were grieving. I called Mack and all we wanted to do was race to pick up Hudson from school, we didn't because I knew we would probably scare him with how emotional we were.

When I did pick Hudson up I hugged him through the squirms and was reluctant to let him go. H had parents night out at church and I had our parents group Christmas party(M was out of town) so I didn't even turn on the tv until after H had gone to bed. My heart broke all over again.

Saturday Hudson ended up catching some of the news and I'll never forget what he said..."mommy, that bad man hurt the kids and now they can't go see their mommy and daddy..."

I was shocked that he had picked up what he did so quickly, I don't know if he actually comprehended it but he knew what was going on. I immediately decided that there would be no more news in our house and put on Christmas music for the rest of the day.

Hudson has mentioned it a couple more times but I try to just say that while the kids can't see their mommy and daddy they get to see God and he seems ok with that. I didn't think that I would have to be explaining this to him, I naively thought he was "too" young to understand what happend in CT, I was wrong.

As we try and explain what has happened to our kids please let us also remind them that the act of 1 person does not make our schools unsafe and should not make us live in a world of fear.

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