Thursday, December 6, 2012


Well I survived my 1st month of work and have lived to tell about it. It has been nice being back in the working world although somedays all I want to do is curl up in bed with Hudson and watch Wild Kratts on repeat...

Hudson is loving school, he sings the grace he learned at school every night before dinner and loves telling me about the bible lessons he is learning. As much as I like the school is in he will be moving to a new school in January. We had been on the waiting list for the local Catholic school where a bunch of our church friends send their kids...I got the call last week that they had a spot and after lots of discussion we decided to accept!

Normally I wouldn't have moved him since he is doing so well but this is where he will eventually go to preK and kindergarten so we figured since we got the spot we couldn't let it go. I'm excited for Hudson to wear his little uniform and he'll even go to mass 2 Fridays a month which is really neat!

M and I have fallen into a routine when it comes to who showers first and all that jazz. I have been trying to take 30 minutes when I come home to do a chore around the house, even if it is just washing the dishes in the sink only to fill it up again :) We find ourselves not watching as much TV these days which is actually nice.

We have still not adjusted to meal planning well and I figure once the madness of the holidays are over then we can get back on board with meal planning. Working out has also taken a backseat to the holiday craziness...oops!

Overall the adjustment period has gone well, yes we have a half lit tree, no presents, and piles of laundry to fold but hey such is life!

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  1. Welcome to my world momma! You'll get a routine! And you'll eventually get the laundry folded. But don't stress. Enjoy the boys after work. The house work will wait! Glad Hudson will go to the school y'all wanted!


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