Monday, June 27, 2011

Mike and Natalie's Wedding

Last week we headed back up to VA for yet another wedding! This time Mack was a groomsman. Mack and Hudson drove up on Thursday, they were going to do it by themselves but my FIL surprised us and flew down to help Mack drive and deal with a 2 year old.

I was to fly up on Friday night after work and thend drive back with the boys! After much delay at the airport, thanks to being without a pilot, I made it to Richmond early Saturday morning.

Mike, the groom, and Mack have been friends since middle school, Mike was in our wedding. He and Natalie got married at Montpeilier, which was James Madison's home. It was so wonderful to be back in the mountains of VA and I wont lie that it made me miss home even more!!! The wedding was beautiful and we had such a blast. These are pictures of the ceremony, I have pictures of the reception on my other camera so as soon as I download those I will post those!

The beautiful setting
The program

The beautiful flowers

the boys

Natalie walking down the aisle

More pictures later!
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