Monday, October 18, 2010

Having Fun With Mom and Dad

A few weekends ago we all went out on our friend's boat for the day! Hudson was in heaven, he just loved it and smiled the whole time. We beached the boat and got to swim in the lake, which was divine! A lot warmer than Muskoka! Hudson loves to swim so we don't have any pictures of him swimming since mommy and daddy have to be in the water with him....this guy thinks he can swim all by himself!

One day I took Hudson to story-time at our local Botanical Gardens and then just let him run around in the wet grass in order to make sure he was tired for his nap, much to my dismay he did not nap at all that day!

I will do another post later today so stay tuned for more pictures of our little man!

Notice the grass all over his face, he was throwing himself into the grass!

Driving with his buddy Jack
One cool dude
Daddy and Hudson on the boat!

Driving....practice for Canada!

My boys enjoying the day!
Somebody had a little too much fun!

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