Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daddy Days

Last week Hudson came down with Croup again and since I cannot miss work on Thursday's or Friday's Mack stepped in and became Mr. Mom for a couple of days.

Thursday I came home and he had dinner ready and Hudson almost ready for bed, he said they had the best time hanging out together.

Friday I got home and Mack was visibly tired from his day with the wild man. Hudson didn't nap, instead ran around the house with 1 shoe on, his diaper, and a broom!! By Sunday Mack said he was ready to go back to work!

I think he now has a better understanding of how somedays you just have no energy to do anything but nap along with Hudson or just put on Clifford and veg out for a little while!

Here are some pictures of Daddy and Son!

Cooking with Daddy
Making sure he does it right!
They look like 2 peas in a pod

Running to Mommy!

I just love that face! He had so much fun running around outside with Daddy!

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