Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving and Claiborne Update

I thought I would pop in and give a little update on Claiborne and life in general. We last left off with C coming home from the hospital. We had an endoscopy and biopsy scheduled about a week after she came home. I was super nervous about my sweet girl having to go under anesthesia.

The GI wanted to weigh her the day before the procedures to see if she was gaining weight.  When she left the hospital she was 9lbs 15oz and at her next weigh in she was 10lbs 3oz which was not good enough. He decided that while she was already under he was going to place an NG feeding tube.

Before and after...we ended up having to spend the night in the hospital which was no fun :(

Daddy and his sweet girl

She did well enough with her 1st overnight feeding that they let us go home after 1 night. Shortly after we got home the home health nurse came and brought our supplies and showed us how to work the pump. Claiborne is hooked up for 12 hours at night and gets 1 ounce per hour, she then eats 4xs during the day, around 4oz per feeding.

After 4 days I decided to try and replace the tape on her face.....

...she yanked that sucker right out! NOT FUN!! Thank goodness we have an amazing home health nurse who came out after going on another emergency call and put it in for us.

Claiborne has been such a trooper during all of this. We went back to the DR today and she was up to 11lbs 1oz which I think is great but the DR still see her as sluggish. They really wanted to see her make a big jump. We met with the dietitian and she wants to up her feedings over night. They also want her to see a food therapist as well as OT & PT.

Throughout everything this guy has been AMAZING! He is the best big brother in the whole world. When his classmates asked why sister had a tube in her nose he surprised me and told them matter of factually that she couldn't eat like us and the tube helped to give her food. Such a simple wise answer for my 5 year old.

We went down to Isle of Palms for Thanksgiving with my family. I am so glad that we decided to go, it was just what we needed. Mack hooked the pump up to C's car seat and hung the bag from the clothes hook.

Me and my girl before turkey :)

These 2 kids are my whole world

Hudson enjoyed playing on the beach....the ocean enjoyed 1 of his crocs

My 3 favorite people

Hudson loves the SC Aquarium and we take him every time we come to Charleston, this was my 1st time going and he loved showing me everything.

Mack snapped this at lunch and when I looked at it I realized I hadn't put on any make-up that day. I read recently that Carrie Underwood never has a make-up free day....that's great for her but I'd like to see her after sleepless nights and a baby with GERD. I have more make-up free days than make-up days and right now I don't really care. So maybe one day I can strive to have zero make-up free days but for now if you see me out and I don't have make-up on don't think I'm not trying, its just the last thing on my mind these days.

Sweet C in her SC bubble :) Had to get her in this for 1 pic

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