Friday, February 21, 2014

15 Weeks with Baby Lindsey

15 Weeks with Baby Lindsey
How far along?: 14 weeks

How big is your baby?: the size of a navel orange
Total weight gain: 5lbs give or take the day...

Sex: Find out March 28th!
Maternity clothes: I am living in my Gap leggings
  Sleep: a little better this week
Symptoms: Better only if I eat every 2 hours, if I don't then hello nausea 
Best moment this week: Spending time with my parents while they were in town
Food cravings: fruit, nutty buddys, and pretty much everything you can think of

Belly button in or out: in.
What I miss: I miss not wasting my time sitting at the Dr's office for those lovely 5 minute appointments, have never waited for less than an hour
What I'm looking forward to: finding out the gender of this little one

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