Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Virginia Vacation

So since Mack didn't get to go with us to Canada, he and Hudson drove to VA the week before Labor Day.  It was pretty hard to let my little guy go! They had so much fun and I got to fly up to VA for the weekend and then we all drove home together.

All packed up and ready to go

While they were gone I did get to go on a few nice runs!

And then of course getting here was simply divine

The boys greeted me in style

We had 5 labs at the River which was slightly insane!

Saturday we had our annual Olympics and cousin Emma came over to join in the fun! Here they are before their race...Emma jumped in and did backstroke it was awesome!

I really loved getting to snuggle my new nephew Elliot!! Isn't he precious!

Watching the big kids race!

Hudson spent the rest of his time in the River

3 out of the 5 labs climbed out of the River via the ladder on the pier (4 can do it but ole Dixie is slowing down) Hudson thought it was the coolest thing

Uncle Todd was wrapped around H's little finger 

Every time Todd would throw Hudson Jeter would jump in and try to retrieve him!

And per usual it wasn't easy to say good-bye

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