Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goodbye Molly

If you're a girl of let's say between 25 - 32 then you know or should know the name of the doll above. That my friends is Molly and she is one of the original American Girl dolls. I have Molly, I have her bedroom furniture, her school bag, Birthday dress, Birthday cake & dishes, and I also have all of the books.

You could say I was obsessed with Molly for a little while but who wasn't obsessed with American Girl dolls when they 1st came out? Most of my friends had Kirsten or Samantha but we all had 1. Even though I am a boy mom somehow I get sent the American Girl catalog from time to time, I was sad to see that they are doing away with Molly and even worse she is the last of the original dolls, Addy who was brought in later is still available but I am not sure she'll be around much longer either!

Tears actually welled up in my eyes....you see Molly wasn't just a doll to me, she is the reason that I fell in love with History, especially WWII history. I fell in love with reading when introduced to these books, I couldn't get enough! I firmly believe that being introduced to Molly and her books shaped my life, I mean hell I became a History major with a concentration in WWII history.

Several years ago American Girl dolls changed, little girls can design their own doll to look like them and dress like them...I am not saying that isn't cool because it is. I find it sad though that the dolls that made this company what it is today are being pushed aside, in favor of dolls that have purple hair and piercings. 

So as us old folks say goodbye to Molly and the other American Girls I will hold out hope that one day maybe I can pass on Molly to my daughter. And maybe just maybe the magic of reading stories about her doll will inspire her as it did me so many years ago.

(Molly, Addy, Kirsten, Felicity, and Samantha)

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