Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving In Virginia Part I

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had an amazing time with their family!  We headed to Virginia to spend time with both sets of parents and couldn't have asked for more. 

When we got into to town we had a quick visit with my parents and then headed down to the farm to be with M's family. Wednesday we hung around, did some skeet shooting, and just really enjoyed being unplugged!

Somehow I let M convince me to run a Turkey Trot Thursday morning....I mean really?  I ran the 2 mile with my SIL & FIL while M and my BIL ran the 5 mile. The kids came and watched us at the end and Hudson even crossed the finish line with both of us!

Emma and Hudson then ran a little 100 yard dash which was really cute!

After we all showered it was time for tractor rides with Uncle Lee :)

We headed back to my parents and I'll share those pictures tomorrow!

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  1. I spent my Thanksgiving in Virginia too - and also did some shotgunning!


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