Monday, March 22, 2010

Missing the River and Muskoka

On Saturday it was absolutely beautiful here in Orlando so we decided to take a drive down to Saint Cloud. We ended up at the Lake Toho park and walked out onto the point. It was so peaceful sitting and listening to the lap of the water, it makes me long for River weekends and Muskoka weeks. While we do have access to lots of lakes and the ocean it still isn't the same : ( We are hoping to get up to the River for the Fourth....

After our little drive we stopped at our neighborhood picnic for some free food and to pet the horses! Hudson loved the horses but I failed to get a picture of him with them, sorry!

Sunday it rained, no poured, all day long......Hudson and Daddy took long rain naps and mommy watched basketball and nascar of course!

We also have news to report.......Hudson is walking! He cannot stand up from a sitting position but once he is up he is taking about 15 to 20 steps at a time!!! Our lives have changed again!

Hudson and DaddyPlaying in the grass
So happy

Loving being on Daddy's schoulders
Looking out onto the water
Where is Hudson?
There he is!

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